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  1. Andrew Gibson

    Hi I reviewed your survey above, geared toward residents. I wonder if there is a corporate one for businesses to show support, and their need for this infrastructure. We have locations in two of the above municipalities. High speed High bandwidth connection between the two and abroad is critical to us, as I am sure it is for all businesses in all our municipalities.

    Yours Truly
    Andrew Gibson

    1. westparrysound administrator Post author

      Hi Andrew, I have forwarded this to Lis. We may need to talk about this a little more as a team. We have reached out to organizations in the area. Maybe we can have a one for corporate businesses as well…
      Thanks for reaching out, we will talk about this in detail at our next meeting.

    1. westparrysound administrator Post author

      Hi Bert,

      Currently the project we are gathering support for it made up of five phases. In a nut shell we are connecting West Parry Sound Area (Archipelago included) directly to Toronto and Sudbury (the world!!). This will bring a trunk line of bandwidth into WPS that does NOT currently exist. WPS is very limited in what we have in terms of bandwidth and in the summer when our population expands from season residents, it is virtually non-existent for most of the area.

      The project also will branch out a backbone through-out the WPS and 9 new Point of Presences (POP sites) will be built. Most to all the existing POP sites are in the Town of Parry Sound and are controlled by only a few Internet Service Providers (ISP). Our 9 new POP sites will be Open Access and controlled by WPS. So any ISP including existing ISP’s will have access to wholesale our network bandwidth to their new or existing customers.

      From the POP sites we can start connecting residents to our network. Customers along the backbone will have be able to connect with little to no installation costs. Customers near the backbone may be able to build a business case to extend the fibre backbone to them and or create a ‘local loop’ connecting everyone on their street/lake/subdivision for example. Other technologies may be used to bring connectivity, including new or existing wireless or copper solutions.

      One thing to note is that with out the trunk/backbone, these options do not exist. There currently is NO BUSINESS CASE for any existing ISP in our area to remedy our exponentially growing connectivity/bandwidth problem.

      In the Archipelago we have strategically placed a POP site at the Pointe Au Baril Community Centre. Fibre to the premise (FTTP) is also planned for the community nearby in Pointe Au Baril. This particular project (Phases 1-5) does not connect or address the internet connectivity problems in the remainder of the Township of The Achipelago, however it will bring the backbone on its door step.

      The Township staff and our ISP (Vianet) are already in discussion to bring connectivity to other areas of the township once the project is underway (if we get funding) . New ideas are also being discussed, ie under water fibre to extend the backbone into lakes and Georgian Bay islands etc.

      I hope I have answered your question(s), if you have any more please feel free to ask away and I will try and address them.

      In the mean time I strongly suggest you go to smartnow.ca and fill out our online survey as a resident or business or both. This survey is to gather support for our funding request in October 2014

      Thanks and have a great day!!

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