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World-changing 5G Internet is coming, Parry Sound audience told


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App business man Ray Sharma Smart Community Networks’ keynote speaker

NEWS Apr 07, 2017 by Sarah Bissonette Parry Sound North Star

West Parry Sound SMART Community Network board members Lis McWalter, left, and Andrew Ryeland, with keynote speaker Ray Sharma. SMART Community’s first annual general meeting was held in Parry Sound on April 5. – Sarah Bissonette/Metroland

PARRY SOUND — Hold on — 5G Internet is coming, and with it our world is changing.

Venture capitalist Ray Sharma was the West Parry Sound Smart Community Networks’ guest speaker at its first annual general meeting on April 5.

Earlier in the day he was at Parry Sound High School, where his talk included encouraging women to enter the tech sector.

He spoke of the technology that has faster upload and download speeds than we have now, that all but omits the lag between action and reaction. These improvements enable the Internet of things and artificial intelligence to work seamlessly in our world, to add texture to our interactions with machines, and to bring the virtual reality to the main stream. Oh, and movies will download in seconds.

All this can be accomplished with our cars, lights, robots, computers and phones connecting to and getting responses back through the Internet so quickly it is nearly instantaneous.

“How many people saw Minority Report?” Sharma asked. “Here is a picture of Tom Cruise and he’s basically interfacing with the computer with his hands (in the air) as it shows … what it shows you is this is the tactile Internet. To build a 3D file … so all of us could look at it would require terabytes of data. It’s not practical to store all the data locally. When you have sub-millisecond latency … this turbo charges the Cloud … it changes the way human experiences the computer. Why? Because the computer can anticipate what you are thinking before you even have a chance to think it.”

Sharma compared the increased download speed and response rate improvements of 5G over 4G and why he sees the latency speed as the big news to a vehicle.

“It’s like the difference between RPM and torque,” he said. “If you are a car lover then every one (talks) RPM because it goes really fast. But no, it’s torque. If you’ve ever been in a Tesla, the Tesla has 900 pounds of torque in the front and back axel, and that‘s why … you feel the pull of it. So would you rather have torque or (RPM)? This is what I’m talking about. I’m telling you latency is more important than the gigabyte-per-second stuff.”

SMART Community chair Lis McWalter connected the need for 5G Internet here, self-driving vehicles and the region’s reliance on the cottage industry and tourism.

“Just picture all the traffic we get on the 400 or 401 on the weekend, five months of the year and all the sensors that will be in those cars and what they will be looking for,” said McWalter. “We have to take this seriously and we need to get our end of the backbone built or our economic situation is going to be dire.”

Smart Community, she said, has offered to be a trial site for 5G.

West Parry Sound Smart Community Networks grew out of the municipal Regional Economic Development Advisory Council with a goal to bring high-speed Internet to the region.

by Sarah Bissonette

Sarah Bissonette is a reporter with the Parry Sound North Star. She can be reached at sbissonette@metrolandnorthmedia.com . Follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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