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Canada wide Internet speed testing facility (CIRA)

Canadian Internet Register Authority (CIRA) as a part of its mandate to “improve Internet performance” has introduced a Canada wide Internet speed testing facility at https://performance.cira.ca/ .  They recommend you use Google Chrome as a browser for doing this testing.

The Web page looks like this.



To use this page key in your postal code.

If you want to do multiple tests register with CIRA and sign in then you can set up to do multiple tests.  These multiple test can run in the background as long as you have your browser open. Then  select:

  1. one of the test frequency options from “How Often”. The range of options is from once to every 12 hrs.
  2. how long you want to test from “For How Long?”. The range of options is 1hr to 4 weeks.
  3. click on Start.

The test results are as below:


Below is a map of the test results


The test results are accumulated under the “History” tab.


Under the “Map” tab is a map of Canada and is searchable by “Download” or “Upload” speed and by “Postal Code”.

You can also zero in on the map by “scrolling on your Mouse” or clicking on + or -.  Alternatively just key in the Postal code you want results for and hit “Return”


CIRA will use these results to advocate for better Internet across Canada.  WPS Smart will use them to bring better Internet into our region.

Happy testing.

Thanks for your help.