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I’m impressed some of you knew the answer to last week’s question. That was great. In the early 1900s what was the purpose of the dams in sucker creek? 
Here’s the answer: The dams were used to retain enough water to float the winter cut logs down the creek in the spring, they opened the dams up at that time.
For those who aren’t aware there is pickleball at the Pointe au Baril Community Centre every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to noon. So come on out for a fun and lively morning. Everyone is welcome. All the equipment is supplied. Good idea to bring water with you. 
For those of you that don’t know what pickleball is. It is a racquet sport that combines the elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. You usually play with four people and there are two teams. It’s a lot of fun.
Just a reminder, the Ducky Races are coming up on Saturday, March 26 at noon. Have you bought your ducks yet? Better get them quick before they are all gone.
Just a heads up, the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) sent a survey out, the deadline was unfortunately February 29.This survey was to document the need for improved communications (internet etc.) across Canada especially in Pointe au Baril.
CRTC decides what are the appropriate methods and means to where the internet goes. They are currently reviewing the telecommunications services that are available in Canada. Did you know that wireless overtakes wireline in Canadian households? There is another survey out there that you can fill in. This is a volunteer group trying to get the internet services improved.
West Parry Sound Smart Community Committee is looking for a solution for the lack of adequate bandwidth and technological capacity for the area.
Their plan is to build a 175km fibre optic backbone running through seven municipalities in West Parry Sound. Go to www.smartnow.ca and let them know you support this initiative by completing the survey. This is for primary and seasonal residents.
Do you enjoy playing cards? The Pointe au Baril Seniors play cards every Monday at 11 a.m. Bring your own lunch and join them at the PAB Community Centre in the multi-purpose room. The seniors have a very short general meeting the second Monday of each month. The seniors also plan a lunch and learn once a month and also a dinner once a month. More details to come.
Ok everyone ready for the next question? 
What was the name of the hill just south of Pointe au Baril on the old Highway 69 before the Trans Canada? 
Call me if you know the answer.  Birthday wishes are going out to Cathy Morel on March 4. 
Call if you have a birthday coming up and let me know at 705-773-0510.
Everyone have a great week.