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Open Data Meeting | Fri, June 5, 6pm – 9pm

Thank-you again for your interest in the Community Engagement component for the West Parry Sound OPEN DATA Pilot Project we just recently held. Much information has be compiled to assist you with your pursuit and interest in this area initiative.
The website links included below will help you locate copies of all the presentations from the June 5th event as well as access to the to the current “Open Data Portal” and a user feed-back form. We encourage you to fill out the short form so that we can hear ideas and interests from the various Community Stakeholders.

Community Engagement Event recap

Open Data Portal

Ideas & Data Suggestion Survey

All information on the topic of Open Data has been added to the existing WPS Smart Community | SmartNow!ca website as a tab (Open Data) on the menu bar.

Please continue to stay tuned to the Open Data Initiative and participate in an the “OPEN” discussion at any time using the Group Forum (called WPS Open Data Community) that has been established

Chris Mahon & Joe VilleneuveWest Parry Sound Geography Network