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Open Data – Community Engagement Event



The Event (Eventbrite) Invitation/Registration Link

Thanks very much to all members of the community who attended the Community Engagement Event on Friday June 5 at the Parry Sound Curling Club.

The event was very successful in helping people understand what Open Data is and a better understanding on where each individual person and or organization fit in.

There where many members from the Local Government in attendance, as well as members of Other Governments, Businesses, NGO’s and Citizens.

Many stayed for the social afterwards and many questions we had and some answered.  To keep the project moving forward we ask that if you have any questions please send them to us (wpsgnca@gmail.com) and we try and answer any questions you may have.

We also ask that you sign up to our WPS Open Data Community web forum.  We’ll send an invite out to you if you registered with to the Community Engagement Meeting.  By joining the group you will be able to follow discussions, answer questions, ask questions or be informed.  This is a public form and our hope is to have everyone with a stake in Open Data get involved and contribute if you can.  If you have not received an invitation please let us know (wpsgnca@gmail.com)

Some of the ideas the came out of the meeting that were recorded, they are as follows:

  • tourism app, one place for all tourist info
  • for citizens, all info for recreation
  • community wide app w/registration online
  • closest to what facility and times
  • pharmacies … where to find, closest one, and the hours
  • ex Dev – open a business here and info to build in the area
  • Business directory
Do you have an idea/suggestion for Open Data? Please share it with us using the form at the bottom of this page



Getting ready for the event!




Economic Opportunities with Open Data, The Honourable Tony Clement, MP Parry Sound – Muskoka



Smart Communities: by Lis McWalter, Chair of West Parry Sound Smart Community

Open Data Road Map: by Jury Konga, Canada Ambassador for Open Knowledge.


West Parry Sound Open Data & Open Data Portal, West Parry Sound Geography Network, Joe Villeneuve and Chris Mahon


Other supporting information:




Do you have an idea/suggestion for Open Data? Please share it with us