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Smart Community survey results hopeful to secure funding


Source: MooseFM

The West Parry Sound Smart Community has some ammunition to get Federal funding.  Earlier this month, the results of their survey were released giving them an in depth look at what the internet needs of our community.  Close to 300 people responded with roughly two thirds being local residents and the remainder were cottagers.  Chair of the West Parry Sound Smart Community initiative Lis McWalter explains that the survey showed 84 percent of respondents wanted better access to online bookings, events, and maps, 77 percent wanted to be able to fill out health service forms online, and 82 percent said they wanted real-time reporting online for things such as road conditions, emergencies, etc.  McWalter says these findings are directly linked to what they are trying to do.

She also explains how completing this survey will help get funding.

They will be applying to one grant in January and hope to hear if they are successful in the spring and they are working on a second.  To view the survey results, visit our website.

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