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The SMART Community Survey Results


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The SMART Community Survey is now closed.   The SMART Community team is very pleased with the level of participation.

Your input is very much appreciated and will help us formulate our strategy and develop the content for our funding applications.     It is expected that the funding process will be take several months.


WPS Smart Community Survey Summary




  • 292 Respondents
  • 94% of the respondents are outside of the Town of Parry Sound with a good cross section of respondents across WPS and mix of permanent residents and seasonal residents (cottagers) ….. 62% residents , 38% cottagers
  • Age demographics – 57% (55 or older), 38% (30-54), 4% (under 29)
  • The respondents represented various social economic sectors of the WPS community
    • 33% self employed
    • 29% in cottage associations
    • 21% in hospital or healthcare
    • 19% in government
    • 18% sports and recreation
    • 15% local business or tourism


  1. 77% indicated that they are not satisfied with their current internet and want more, and 21% see minimal options
  2. 89% were aware that TV and phone service is available over the internet
  3. The majority of homes have several internet users…45% have 3 to 5 users, 41% have 2 users
  4. 87% of the residences have multiple devices with 72% having 2 to 6 devices in use (and note this is before the “Internet of Everything“)
  5. 72% of the cottage respondents indicated a desire to either move to WPS or spend more time throughout the year in WPS
  6. 77% indicated that they are competent internet users
  7. Only 44% could access the internet for education purposes (the remainder could not or were unsure)
  8. 76% want to know the location of free Wi-Fi Hot Spots because they do not have affordable access at home
  9. 76% want to make sure that WPS students have the same opportunities as urban students
  10. 84% want increased engagement, communication, and transparency of municipal governments
  11. 84% want online access to WPS facilities booking, opportunities, events, and maps (i.e. booking ice time, Stockey Center tickets, hall rentals)
  12. 77% want the ability to fill out health service forms and Pre-Registration of patient and Post­ Discharge Support forms, and follow up by the internet
  13. 82% want real-time web-based reporting tools for community services (i.e. road conditions, bus cancellations, community event cancellation emergency alerts, dashboard-wait times for healthcare services)
  14. 63% believe it is important to create WPS presence through real-time photo and video marketing via online platforms
  15. 87% believe it is important to create a business development hub leveraging affordable ultra­ high speed internet
  16. Job creation opportunities identified additions of 1-2 knowledge jobs per business respondents
  17. 24% provided additional comments. The themes are summarized as follows:
    1. Internet for home based or mobile offices is insufficient and sporadic making business difficult
    2. The summer slowdown is very evident where internet service becomes very slow and often no service at all
    3. It’s difficult to function in the internet age with such low data limits
    4. Internet service is limited, the cost high, with high latency
    5. WPS’s limited internet service is a significant deterrent to recruiting skills and businesses
    6. VOiP (internet) phone service is strongly desired
    7. Internet is critical for economic development and bringing good paying jobs to WPS. It is also critical for communication within and outside WPS and in enabling the community to build cohesion and move things forward
    8. Rural areas are disadvantaged.   Children are disadvantaged (education).
    9. With sufficient, reliable internet, there would be a strong interest in moving business into WPS and I or extending their stay in WPS.
    10. There is a strong desire for fast low latency internet that is affordable and reliable