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About Vianet Fibre Optic


Source: Vianet About Us




For the past three years, Vianet has built out it’s fibre network through the main arteries of Sudbury, bringing Sudbury businesses the reliability of fibre optic data and Internet services at the price of less reliable and slower DSL and cable Internet services.

In November of 2011 we began expanding our service into residential neighbourhoods and are bringing fibre optic technology right into the home to enable the most reliable, the fastest and highest capacity communication service in the market today. We are committed to bringing next generation technologies to the communities we serve and are proud to be able to offer northern Ontario towns with cutting edge technologies normally reserved for large cities.


When Vianet purchased the Superior TV cable television system, we decided to replace the outdated and limited coax cable network with the latest technology fibre optic network.

Vianet has constructed new fibre optic backbone and distribution lines throughout the town of Chapleau and turned up multiple, redundant fibre optic links to connect Chapleau to Vianet’s core Ontario backbone network. These fibre optic lines are being extended directly into the homes of Chapleau residents, replacing the old copper lines and enabling the newest, best HD television services, fastest Internet service and reliable, affordable telephone service.

What is Fibre Optic?

Fibre optic to the home is the transportation of a communications signal such as Internet or television, over optical fibre. Vianet’s fibre optic to the home is a next generation service providing higher bandwidth to customers allowing data to be transmitted at industry leading speeds to and from your home. Fibre optic to the home is the most reliable solution for today’s communication needs.

How Fibre Optic Works

Fibre optics is the use of light to carry a signal over a glass fibre. Light is able to travel at extreme speeds allowing fibre optic to the home to deliver higher volumes of data to and from your home at speeds far greater than current copper based services like DSL or Cable. Fibre optic service will be able to meet the current and new demands for your communication needs.

Why Fibre Optic?

  • Reliability – no active components and battery cases on poles like cable
  • Consistent Speed – unlike DSL, speeds don’t slow down with distance
  • Highest Speeds – no technology can match fibre for transmission speed
  • Largest Capacity – no limit to the number of high definition TV channels to your home
  • No Congestion – not a shared network like cable
  • Future Proof Technology – you will have the ability to easily accommodate new techology and applications as they become available
  • Affordable – when served by Vianet you can be assured we will provide you the most value for the service and remain competitive within the industry