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About us

West Parry Sound Smart Community is now incorporated as

West Parry Sound

Smart Community Network Inc.

SMART logo 2-2_vinWest Parry Sound Smart Community is a Committee that was developed by the Parry Sound Region Economic Development Committee (REDAC)

It was established to try and find a solution for the lack adequate bandwidth and technological capacity for the area.



Currently all 7 Municipalities support this initiative.

Including: Township of The Archipelago, Township of Carling, Town of Parry Sound, Municipality of McDougall, Township of McKellar, Township of Seguin, & Municipality of Whitestone




Canadian Internet Register Authority (CIRA) as a part of its mandate to “improve Internet performance” has introduced a Canada wide Internet speed testing facility.  They recommend you use Google Chrome as a browser for doing this testing.




Click Here for the ‘Smart Story’


We’ve re-opened the survey at a request made by the community. Your input is very valuable and welcomed!
Please click here to fill out the survey


6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Kitty Bucsko

    I work online – teaching – and would so very much appreciate a highspeed Internet access. We are very much behind the times here in WPS.

    Thank you for your initiative. If I can assist in any way, I would be pleased to do so.

  2. Sam skinner

    Please, please. Please bring fibre optic Internet to us. I have 3 kids, all in school, they can’t use Internet cause its too slow . Avg speed 0.8. We are in a dead zone here. Nobody can provide reliable, high speed, unlimited usage. I need that, 3 kids all connected to WiFi, Netflix all that. I am a single dad, I need reasonable price. We have explorenet, never did work right. Sometimes s 250 per month, and it don’t work. We all need fibre optic lines. Many people here if not all will connect to it. Check out turtle lake road, Walters Lane, SEGUIN twp. Please let me know. My kids need this.

    1. westparrysound Post author

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your comments!
      Back in 2012 we did apply for funding that would have brought fibre near you however we didn’t receive any funding. More details on that project here… (if your internet can support it..)

      You are not alone – please keep following our website. Occasionally we will do a survey, request speed test information or ask for letters of support to aid in our funding requests.

      This is kind of our mission statement – unfortunately we have no active projects near Turtle Lake at this time.

      The West Parry Sound SMART Community Network is committed to the ultimate goal of bringing Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) internet connectivity to our area. This future proof network is required for our economic growth, the provision of world class digitally based services such as healthcare and education, the attraction and retention of talent and investment, and to enable social well being. Until financial resource are available for the fibre backbone, we will continue to focus one off fibre based projects that will address our under-served communities.

      Thanks again!

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